NEOS™ – the new chemical leavening acid that performs just like sodium aluminium phosphate (SALP) but with zero aluminium.

Using new, revolutionary chemical leavening technology, NEOS™ has been carefully developed by our team of chemists to replicate the end product attributes that sodium aluminium phosphate provides in bakery products.

We have considered the fundamental properties of gas release, batter and dough rheology, ingredient interactions and heat transfer. Through this understanding, NEOS™ has been developed to be the best alternative to sodium aluminium phosphate.

With the unique ingredients in NEOS™, a totally clean flavour is produced, with no pyrophosphate aftertaste. Those ingredients also ensure the tight, soft fine crumb structure is maintained, matching the expected characteristics of SALP.

Whether you are making tortillas, cakes, biscuits, muffins or cookies NEOS™ provides an aluminium free solution that maintains product quality.

Remove aluminium from your baked goods using NEOS™ from Kudos Blends. For more information into the science behind this brand new, innovative technology sign up to our eBook via the following link:

Come and visit Kudos Blends founder and CEO, Dinnie Jordan, and Business Development Manager, Taima Bain, at booth #1600 to find out how many of your bakery challenges we can solve.

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