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puntosparaletra In this sixth edition, IFT México consolidates itself as the meeting point for the professionals of the industry.

1. MORE THAN 150 EXHIBITORS: An ideal platform for the promotion
of your products and services.

2. GRATUITOUS COFFEE BREAKS: During breaks, coffee will be served
free of charge on both days.

will deal with the global trends in the F & B industry, with a regional approach,
including the evaluation and discussion of actual experiences and successful real cases.

4. CHARGE-FREE LECTURES: We have also organized a series of CHARGE-FREE
lectures, where the visitors will have access to the latest technical developments and
to discuss concerning legal and regulatory issues, among other topics.

5. SPECIALIZED WORKSHOPS: This is another charge-free training option, where different issues shall be dealt with in connection with the following industry sectors: Meat Products, Bakery Products. Diary Products, Beverages, Snacks and Candies.

6. THE FTS & EXPO PRIVATE LOUNGE: A space designed for networking purposes,
to which the holders of Gold and VIP Passes, as well as the Sponsors and Exhibitors will have access. Drinks and snacks will be served on both days. An excellent environment to share with your customers and advance business projects.

7. MEALS: On both days, you will have the chance to share two meals with Gold Pass holders, so that you will be able to interact with them in a more relaxed environment. Please consult us for the reservation of special tables to share with your customers.

puntosparaletra Business contacts

Cecilia Pereyra Iraola – International Advertising
++5255 5605 1777 ext. 272

Patricia López – Advertising México
++5255 5605 1777 ext. 103

Tomás Hirsch – International Advertising
++5411 4554 8300 ext. 210

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